The Allies and Enemies Series

Allies and Enemies is an on-going space opera science fiction series featuring kick-ass heroines and edge-of-your-seat pulse-pounding adventure. Book one is an intro into the draconian world of Commander Sela Tyron, a tough-as-nails soldier and the space-faring Regime she was purpose-bred to serve. When a poorly conceived mission to quell an insurrection against the Regime goes pear-shaped, Sela is forced to trust an enemy sympathizer with the life of a teammate. Things take a turn for the worse when there’s no sign of rescue. Has the Regime abandoned them?

It’s sure to fill the void left in your heart by gone-but-not-forgotten tv shows like Farscape and Firefly. To date, two books in the series have been voted Dragon Award Finalists by Dragon Con in the Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel category. And, the premier title, Allies and Enemies: Fallen, has earned a coveted Bestseller status on Amazon as well as a Kindle Book Award Finalist.

Word to the wise… it’s important to read the series in order:

  1. Allies and Enemies: Fallen
  2. Allies and Enemies: Rogues
  3. Allies and Enemies: Exiles
  4. Allies and Enemies: Legacy
  5. Allies and Enemies: Empire
  6. Allies and Enemies: Endgame (coming soon!)

Download the ebooks from Amazon, Apple, B&N, GooglePlay, Kobo, and Smashwords. Prefer the dead tree version? Order it via print on demand from B&N. Audiobook versions of Allies and Enemies: Fallen and Allies and Enemies: Rogues are available from Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Praise for the Allies and Enemies series:

“Awesome space adventure! Wow! With a lot of treachery, political maneuvering, cyber implanted villains, loss and despair, this story never lets up until the awesome conclusion.”

Amazon review

“Merciless fun. Murphy takes no hostages, keeps the action running… a fun, fast read. Enjoy the ride.” [Amazon review]

amazon review

“Five stars. Science fiction at its best.”

amazon review

“Great sci-fi series. If you’re looking for a great sci-fi series to read, then you’ve found one. I’ve read the first three and loved them all and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one.”

amazon review

“For fans of space operas like ‘Farscape’ and ‘Firefly,’ this self-published science-fiction novel … — the first in a trilogy — is well worth a look. Genetically engineered to be the loyal soldier of a totalitarian intergalactic regime, Sela Tyron follows her sense of right — and her heart — when her commanding officer becomes a wanted fugitive. The propulsive plot involves family secrets, ancient mythology, ‘mindjacking’ and plenty of kick-assery, with a refreshing gender reversal (Sela tirelessly protects her male love interest rather than the other way around). Given the flowing prose, fast pacing, believable characterization, and world-building, it’s no surprise Fallen was chosen by SF fans as a finalist for the 2016 Dragon Awards.


Allies and Enemies: Fallen is a solid SF tale. It has a nice layered storyline with a relatively fast-paced plot… everything you would want in a science fiction suspense space opera.”