My friends over at Sci-Fi Bridge are hosting another fantastic ebook giveaway for Military Sci-Fi fans. AND a chance at having a character named after you in one of for upcoming books… including a future Allies and Enemies novel. (That’s the immortality part.) So enter today for your chance to win and get some FREE ebooks while you’re at it. Hurry! The offer runs January 8 – 15.

Click here to learn more.

Sign up for a chance to have a character named after you in a future novel and win a bundle of Military Sci-Fi E-Books from an amazing collection of bestselling and emerging Sci-Fi authors! All who enter will receive 4 E-Books FREE.
– 4 Winners will receive 20+ Military Sci-Fi E-Books and have a character named after them in an upcoming novel!

These 4 authors agreed to name a character after the winners:
Jamie McFarlane Greenwood
Jonathan Brazee
Amy J. Murphy
Dave Monk Fraser Adams

Giveaway Participating authors:
Jonathan Yanez
Jason Anspach / Nick Cole
Daniel Arenson
Brandon Ellis
Patty Jansen
Justin Sloan
Jamie McFarlane Greenwood
Jerry Aubin
Zen DiPietro
Michael Cooper
Jay Allan
David Bruns
Charles Chukwuemeka Ekeke
Scott Bartlett
Amy J. Murphy
Chris Pourteau
Dave Monk Fraser Adams
Nick Thacker
Killian Carter
Ken Lozito
Drew A Avera
Jasper T. Scott
Ralph Kern
Jonathan Brazee
Jason Cipriano
A.K. Meek
Robert Jeschonek