Miss me?

So, I’ve been a little busy. The Kickstarter was such a great success for Allies and Enemies! I’m still floored by the response. Right now, I’m getting the manuscript into shape to ship off to my chosen editor. But I thought it was finished, you say. True. However, there’s been a change to how the story is framed. Allies and Enemies is being shifted from a very confusing first person point of view narrative that’s shared by two different characters, to a more approachable, less mind-bendy limited third person narrative. The third person narrative is more in keeping with how I formed the story in the first place about six billion years ago.

I’ve had a minor struggle with getting funding straightened out between Kickstarter and Amazon. But I’m under the impression everything is under control… for now. That was a little disheartening. However, lesson learned.

To distract myself from the cumbersome red tape of Amazon, I picked up The Strain because I rather enjoyed the TV series that FX picked up. If I thought I had problems grasping point of view, the narrative approach on these was rather… unique. A passage will transfer from one view point to another mid-action, complete with tone and structure changes. Hopefully, this was done on purpose. My main disappointment was with the TV series. They showed the face of the main, big daddy baddy already. And I’m sorry but I’ve seen better makeup during a “foundation challenge” on Face/Off. They made the Master look like Sloth with too much botox. Fail.

Anyway, back to me. I’m finishing up the revamp (no pun intended) on A&E. And I should be done by the end of October to get it to my trusty editor. Fingers crossed to get this out there by December!