So, I made the decision to utilize the services of a professional editor to fluff and buff the final manuscript in preparation for the ebook publication. Such an endeavor is a not exactly budget-friendly. Aside from winning the lottery or discovering a Picasso at a garage sale, I decided to dive into the realm of Kickstarter to search out kindly folks who might want to lend a girl a hand in paying for said editor’s services. I launched the project today and I’m already pleasantly surprised (and more than a little humbled) by the impressive response.

Check out my Kickstarter project page:

I admit I’m probably hamstringing myself by my nearly neurotic avoidance of “the facebook” and “the twitter”. But, I’ve got a pretty FB and Twitter savvy friend out there who has offered to help get the word out. Check out some of Clinton’s work at Comedy4cast. Thanks, Clinton!