DragonCon 2018 – Military SF

DragonCon is over. We must return to our normal lives. For some of us that means re-joining the muggle world and putting aside our alter-egos. I count myself among that number. (Though if the Fates are kind, it might not always be the way for me.)

I was fortunate to be tapped for four panels this year. The last of which I was honored/challenged with being in the only female in a group of military sci-fi luminaries (Jack Campbell, Marc Alan Edelheit, Doug Dandridge, John D. Ringo, David Weber — moderated by Baen’s David Afsharirad). (See photographic evidence above.) Intimidating wouldn’t even begin to cover it. I did my best. 

Additionally, I managed to make some great new friends that I hope will lead to mutually enriching experiences going forward. I’m still new to this whole “writer thing” and I get the sense that I’ll always feel that way. But it’s good to know that there are others out there willing to share their insights and advice. My hope is to someday be the same helping hand to other writers. 

Until then, it’s back to the “real life” stuff that pays the bills. 

#DragonCon2018, #SFWA