So I guess you may have thought I disappeared forever. That would be the easy answer. I’ve been deeply emersed in the world of editing the manuscript for Allies and Enemies: Book One. When I received the “sea of red” back from my stalwart editor, I was in shock. It really looked as if an actual massacre had taken place on the page… all those poor innocent adjectives and amputated bits of punctuation… oh… the humanity!

I realized in looking at it, that there was no way that if I were to do the edits the right way would I be able to make my original deadline of December 2014. I had to suck it up and lay it out for the wonderful folks that are my Kickstarter backers. Thankfully, they’re not only some of the most generous people on the planet, they’re also the the most understanding. But they will get their tshirts in December. I’m expecting those badass looking tshirts, featuring the brilliant logo design of Alex Winkler, to show up this week! So exciting!

Happy holidays!

Amy J Murphy